7 Awkward Moments We Wish We Had Insurance For

A young man in a business suit covers his face with his hand in shame

Insurance provides peace of mind in a lot of ways.

Car accidents are going to happen. But if you have car insurance, you know if you wreck your car you won't have to pay entirely for a new one. Getting sick or injured is a fact of life, but if you have health insurance, you know you can pay for healthcare.

You know what else is predictable? Awkwardness.

Not knowing how much to tip someone? Awkward. Walking into a building with someone you're trying to impress, then pushing a pull-only door? Very awkward.

But what if insurance could also protect us from bruising our egos? What if there were such a thing as Awkward Insurance, which could help us recover from those brutally uncomfortable situations we can't seem to avoid? Well, here are some moments we'd love to see our policy cover.

1. Having your high-five ignored in a crowded place


If your high-five is ignored, and more than five strangers see you left hanging, a claims agent will step in and give you the necessary love.

2. Not knowing how to greet someone


Handshake or hug? If hug, cheek kiss, too?? Which cheek???

Good luck to the unfortunate actuary who has to calculate the odds of these all-too-common-awkard encounters.

3. Not knowing how to say goodbye to someone


"Alright, see ya later! Oh, you're walking this way, too? OK ... so ... how have you been?"

With this coverage, your insurance agent would quickly call you to provide an escape route from this uncomfortable situation.

4. Replying in a way that makes no sense


Restaurant server delivers food: "Have a nice meal!" You: "You too!"

Airport representative checks your ticket: "Have a nice flight!" You: "You too!"

In these cases, your insurance policy will actually buy the server a meal or that airport representative a flight, so that your comment is factually right on point, thus relieving the awkwardness.

5. Seeing a Facebook acquaintance in real life


You see their updates all the time. They see yours. But you're not really friends. Now you've made eye contact. IN REAL LIFE.

Frankly, Facebook should provide this coverage for free.

6. Accidentally liking someone's Instagram photo


Ever clumsily like a photo by accident? And no matter how quickly you unlike it, you now that person got a notification.

A low limit policy would cover the mild un-coolness of liking someone's really old photo, which makes it look like you've been stalking them. A high limit policy would cover liking a photo of your ex.

7. Being caught on camera and not knowing what to do


Someone's taking a video at a party, and when they pan to you, you don't know what to do. Do you wave? Wink? Make a weird face?

Don't worry. If you do something too regrettable, your insurance agent will seize the video before it's posted online.

Have any other awkward moments you'd like to see insurance solve? Tweet us your idea @InsureMyPath.