• job searching

    Have You Considered These Job Search Keywords?

    Getting the same results over and over from online job boards? Not finding a job that piques your interest? Check out these keyword suggestions for exciting, unexpected jobs in the insurance industry.
  • successful student

    How to Crush the Virtual Interview

    Let's get you ready for the GIS Virtual Career Fair on February 13th! In this live prep webinar, you'll be able to directly ask our career coach your toughest questions about interviewing.
  • social media twitter

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: The Forgotten Social Networks

    Your social profiles can either be a powerful networking tool -- or the reason you didn’t get the job. We'll show you how to use these often forgotten social platforms to snag that next big interview.
  • career superhero

    Become a Career Superhero with Four Free Webinars

    In honor of Insurance Careers Month in February, our partner, The Institutes CPCU Society, is making four of their most popular career development webinars, normally an exclusive member benefit, free for all!

  • GIS Career Fair

    Attend a Job Fair...Without Leaving Your Dorm

    Spread the word, tell your friends…the insurance industry is HIRING! In honor of Insurance Careers Month in February, Gamma Iota Sigma, the international business fraternity for students in risk management, insurance, and actuarial science, is hosting a virtual career fair on February 13, 2018.
  • coffee networking

    Networking 101 – Or “Why I Rarely Eat Lunch Alone”

    The folks I break bread with have often become more than just colleagues, but also friends. Conversations are casual but often drift into business issues, and now I have a good list of people to call when I need some help on a professional challenge.
  • senior graduate

    You're a College Senior. Now What?

    Trying to figure out how to get a job after college doesn’t have to feel impossible. Learn the steps to take in and out of college and where to begin.
  • social media storm

    LinkedIn: Your Goldmine for Job Postings

    Getting a job isn’t just about what you know; it’s about who you know. A complete LinkedIn profile is as necessary today as a resume.
  • stay on the path

    Forget the "5 Year Plan"

    What happens when your plans for the future don't work out? Check out what happened when this aspiring doctor started saying yes to every opportunity.
  • compass direction

    Predestined to be in Insurance

    Unsure about the future. Ambitious to grow. Devoted to community service. Eager for work-life balance. Do these all apply to you? You could be "pre-destined" for an insurance career!

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