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  • Home office

    Finding a Great Work From Home Insurance Job

    Technology has made it possible for many jobs to be done from virtually anywhere. It’s also made it much easier to find real work from home jobs in almost any field -- at least it’s possible, if you know how to look.

  • Woman working on a laptop on her bed.

    Is Working From Home Right For Me?

    Almost everybody likes the idea of working from home, but working from home isn’t for everyone. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

  • Chalkboard with 'What's Your Story?'

    How To Write an Elevator Pitch About Yourself

    Throughout your career, you’ll need to introduce yourself to new people. You’ll probably attend interviews or networking events. You might even end up giving a sales pitch to a new client. In any case, crafting an elevator pitch can be an essential career-building skill.

Insurance Career Roles

Forget the stereotypes. Here’s what people in risk management and insurance actually do.

Career Planning Tools

No idea how to start planning your career? Start here.

Education & Experience

Here are some risk management and insurance career options based on your college major.

Careers in Insurance

Want to know a secret? Risk management and insurance careers are actually great.