Why Work in Insurance?

It's Limitless.

When you think of insurance, you might picture sales reps, claims adjusters or funny mascots. Which makes sense - they're at the heart of the industry. But in reality, there are hundreds of other jobs that are equally vital. Insurance is one of those rare industries that let you combine your skills, talents, and interests and apply them to a wide range of careers.

It's Everywhere.

It's in your car, your health, your company, your neighborhood, and even the shows you watch on TV. As long as people are investing their time and money, there will be a need for insurance and the professionals who make it happen.

It's Helping.

In the insurance industry, you help people avoid risks and feel prepared for anything that could happen. From aiding a family struggling to rebuild after a disaster to bringing peace of mind to a first-time business owner, insurance is a great way to make a difference in the world.

It's Growing.

By 2020, the industry will create more than 400,000 job opportunities. If you want to land one of them, an internship may be your best bet. In a recent survey, 75% of companies said they use internships to recruit entry-level talent.*

*[Insurance Industry Employment Outlook, The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation]