How an Intro to Risk Management Course Can Change Your Life

Kara Owens

As crazy as it sounds, a simple introductory college course can change your life.

Just ask Kara Owens.

She entered Temple University planning to major in marketing. One semester, she signed up for RMI 2901: Introduction to Risk Management. She loved the professor and found the class fascinating. Soon after, she added risk management and insurance as her second major.

Fast-forward 10 years, and now Owens is the global head of cyber risk for Transatlantic Reinsurance. She works on the cutting edge of an exciting field, and her work has sent her around the world, from Singapore to Sydney and from Bermuda to Brazil. She’s also done a lot of good, helping to support a number of charitable initiatives started by fellow insurance executives.

“As a person, I really enjoy supporting charities,” she said. “I shaved my head a few years ago for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which is an organization founded by insurance executives to help fund childhood-cancer research.”

Owens has seen the kind of rewarding career that’s increasingly available to young people who enter the risk management and insurance field. As the older generation of professionals retires, those who step up to fill their positions will have major opportunities.

In fact, she was able to carve out her own path, which led her to her current role overseeing insurance products that deal with hacking and cyber security.

“I took the initiative to express how much opportunity, as well as exposure, there is to cyber liability at TransRe. Senior management was very interested and graciously created a new position for me,” she said.

What does her new role entail? Just consider a recent week, during which she traveled to California for an insurance conference, and afterward, she immediately went to a technology conference.

“It’s a very evolving risk that keeps me engaged daily,” she said. “Every day, there’s something new emerging, and you have to think about how it could impact the industry. I think that’s a great opportunity for young people. Clients are asking if they know anyone they can hire.”

In addition to more responsibility, there’s one other thing Owens has gotten from the insurance field: great relationships. Her husband is an insurance professional, as were four people in their wedding party.

“I think in our industry, you build up so many friendships and relationships through the years,” she said.

Could taking an intro to risk management course change your life? Here are two ways to find out:

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  2. Learn more about what makes an intro to risk management course special