Attend a Job Fair...Without Leaving Your Dorm

GIS FairSpread the word, tell your friends…the insurance industry is HIRING!

In honor of Insurance Careers Month in February, Gamma Iota Sigma, the international business fraternity for students in risk management, insurance, and actuarial science, is hosting a virtual career fair on February 13, 2018.

Why attend? Here are 4 great reasons!

4. Opportunities in insurance are plentiful.

If you've ever wondered how you're going to get a job in today's economy, you should know that it is estimated that 400,000 insurance jobs will need to be filled by 2020. If anything, the insurance workforce is growing. Be that friend that can proudly say "Yeah, I start my new career two weeks after graduation!"

3. All majors are welcome.

Ask 10 insurance professionals what their major was, and you'll get 10 different answers. Finance, economics, communications, information technology, name it. All students are welcome, regardless of their major and affiliation with Gamma Iota Sigma.

2. No one likes small talk.

If you hate the awkwardness that comes along with career fairs, you are not alone. The long lines to talk to an employer. The pressure to find a good fitting suit jacket. Forget all of that, and try out a VIRTUAL career fair.

1. You could get hired.

Hiring managers at this event are actively looking to fill both internship and entry-level positions. This may be the perfect opportunity to meet your new employer.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!