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    Finding a Great Work From Home Insurance Job

    Technology has made it possible for many jobs to be done from virtually anywhere. It’s also made it much easier to find real work from home jobs in almost any field -- at least it’s possible, if you know how to look.

  • Woman working on a laptop on her bed.

    Is Working From Home Right For Me?

    Almost everybody likes the idea of working from home, but working from home isn’t for everyone. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

  • Chalkboard with 'What's Your Story?'

    How To Write an Elevator Pitch About Yourself

    Throughout your career, you’ll need to introduce yourself to new people. You’ll probably attend interviews or networking events. You might even end up giving a sales pitch to a new client. In any case, crafting an elevator pitch can be an essential career-building skill.

  • Dog sitting next to man writing an email

    How To Craft a Follow-Up Email After an Interview

    Knowing how to follow up on a job interview or application can be almost as important as sending out your initial application. Apart from making yourself stand out during the interview process, following up afterwards can also demonstrate that:

  • Light bulb on chalk board in thought bubble.

    How College Prepares You For an Insurance Career

    Some of the most important skills learned in college are things you learn in the process of getting an education. They’re transferable skills like time management and research abilities, which can make a person widely employable.

  • Girl at desk.

    3 Ways to Stop Feeling Trapped at Work

    When it comes to changing careers, you should always look before you leap. However, it’s terribly easy to end up working the wrong job, and then feeling stuck in a career rut.

  • Man researching on laptop

    How to Research a Company For a Job

    Preparing to apply for a job is like preparing for the SAT. Before you take the exam, you probably already have most of the skills you need to do well. However, studying what’s on the test can help you know what to expect and to use that information to better prepare.

  • Row of doors

    Not Sure What to Major In: Am I Choosing the Right One?

    Although statistics vary from school to school, studies estimate that anywhere between 30-70% of students will change their major at least once.

  • Cover Letter printed on typewriter

    Cover Letter Template for College Students

    When an employer is filtering through several applications, cover letters are often used to sort and prioritize candidates. As a means of introducing yourself and contextualizing your experience, a good cover letter can send your application to the top of the pile.

  • Sign that reads "time for change"

    What are the Best Options for a Career Change?

    Changing careers doesn’t have the stigma it used to carry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these days, the average person spends about four years with one employer before moving on.


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