What? You Didn't Realize the Top 5 Halloween Costumes This Year Are Actually All About Insurance?

halloween costume

There's simply no tradition, no other holiday, quite like Halloween. This day each year celebrates and honors silliness, scariness and sweets. And every year, new costumes are born from the latest trends, entertainment and YouTube videos.

We know that nailing your costume feels great. So make sure your costume is something you are proud of—like your insurance career!

We’re not saying you have to dress like Ben Franklin to throw a nod to insurance, but believe it or not, many of this year’s hottest costumes connect to insurance in one way or another. Here’s how:

1. Princesses 

From Snow White to Elsa from Frozen, princesses continue to steal the hearts of little girls. But these costumes are fun for females of all ages, and it's even better to dress as a different princess with a group of friends. Although princesses seem like the farthest thing from insurance, you might be surprised. Insurance provides calm and control to the lives of its customers. Similarly, princesses offer peace and protection to their kingdoms. So in the insurance industry, you are just like royalty.

2. Star Wars Characters

Whether you’re dressing as Yoda, Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker, Star Wars' newest film is bringing back all these great costume ideas. Just as these characters battle good versus evil using light sabers to achieve victory, insurance professionals laser in on each client's situation to provide individuals with unique and personalized coverage plans. So this Halloween, if you're planning to dress as one of these famous characters, may the force be with you!

3. Superheroes

This year and every year, superhero costumes remain at the top of the Halloween costume list. Just as these guardians defend us from evil, insurance acts a protective shield during our most difficult situations. And let's be honest, there’s nothing tougher than Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Avengers, Captain America, Spider-Man or another one of the famous protectors.

4. Minions

Since their debut in Despicable Me, these silly little, yellow creatures are everywhere. This costume isn’t just for girls and boys, it’s pretty popular with people of all ages because, let’s be honest, yellow clothes, overalls and goggles are a great go-to when you’ve waited to put your costume together until the afternoon before the big party. In their newest, solo film, the minions are in search of a new master. Although they find some pretty unsuccessful leaders, they’re loyal and live to serve—just like your insurance company.

5. Game of Thrones

After another wildly successful season, we’re expecting to see a ton of Thrones-themed costumes this year. And we are hoping for some amazing Jon Snow costumes (bonus points if you grow out your hair!). I know what you're thinking: how could he possibly relate to insurance? Well, just as Jon Snow fights the mystical, mysterious White Walkers, risk managers dealing with cyber security risks are out there protecting us against the frightening online threats that lurk in places we cannot see.

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