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If you're reading this, you already know the big secret. Insurance is a growing industry with diverse, well-paying careers perfect for young people who want to make a difference in their community. Now help us share this secret with the world!

Our MyPath bloggers help excite, engage and support the next generation of insurance professionals by sharing career stories, tips for surviving student-hood, and cool news from the industry.

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Who can be a bloggerWho can be a blogger?

  • Students working towards their degree
  • Mentors, professors and teachers
  • Experienced professionals working in the industry
  • Brand new professionals working in the industry
  • Friends and family of students and professionals
  • Anyone with interesting insights, tips, and stories

topics for mypath blogsWhat should I write about?

  • Cool news from the insurance industry
  • Tips for students, like choosing classes and applying for internships
  • Tips for recent grads, like social networking, interviewing, and starting a new job
  • Tales from the workplace
  • Fascinating career paths
  • Pop culture and insurance
  • ...The possibilities are limitless!

guidelines for blogsWhat about guidelines?

  • Shoot for around 600-800 words
  • Be specific. Give actionable advice or fascinating tidbits rather than just sharing a story.
  • Be unique. Does your blog stand out from other recent blogs?
  • Be personable! Include relevant personal experiences and thought-provoking details.
  • Consider using a list format- it's easy and readable.
  • Tie back your topic to students and professionals in insurance.
  • Have fun, but be professional.
  • Include links to sources when referring to news stories, facts or stats.
  • Send along a fun picture of yourself with 2-3 brief sentences about you.
  • Share your blog on social once it gets posted!

Get started!

Submit your blog in a word document to  We will review and provide editorial TLC, then publish your work in around 3-4 weeks.

For companies:

Interested in getting your brand out there to students? We welcome sponsored guest blogs as well. Submit your blog in a word document using the guidelines above. Content should be engaging and useful to readers, and should not be construed as promotional in nature.

Companies submitting a guest blog may include the following at the end of their article:

  • Sponsored by Company Name
  • 1-2 sentences about company
  • Company URL