Have You Considered These Job Search Keywords?

job searching

Getting the same results over and over from online job boards?

Not finding a job that piques your interest?

Check out these keyword suggestions for exciting, unexpected jobs in the insurance industry:

If You Are: Creative & Social

Marketing students may not have pictured themselves working in the insurance industry, but they’re perfectly equipped for careers in product marketing or social media management.

Try: "Product Marketer"

In a changing world, product marketers try and keep a brand relevant and engaging. They develop and implement a marketing strategy designed to grow a brand. If you can think of two or three insurance company mascots, then now you know who to thank.

Try: "Social Media Manager"

Social media managers are similar. Nobody visits social media to follow anonymous, impersonal brands. Social media managers help humanize a company by giving a face to the brand, interacting with fans on social media, driving traffic, and monitoring progress with analytic tools. Both are great jobs for recent college graduates that open the way to a variety of careers.

If You Are: Mathematical & Techy

Try: "Data Analyst"

Very few majors are more perfectly suited to the insurance industry than data science. Insurance companies need analysts who can turn meaningless data into information you can act on. By manipulating data, data analysts can do anything from improve customer relations to advance product development.

Try: "Risk Manager"

Data science also applies to risk management, where insurance companies make use of loss distributions and predictive models. Do blue cars get into more accidents than green cars? Insurance companies have data from countless different sources, including website analytics, satellite data, CCTV footage, credit reports, social media, and smartphones. They need data science graduates to spot trends in the data that can save both money and lives.

If You Are: Extroverted & Business-Savvy

Try: "Insurance Agent"

A business degree opens the door to employment opportunities as an insurance agent or risk analyst. An agent develops new leads, assesses clients, and helps people obtain the right policy for their needs. They typically have considerable autonomy, and tend to work on commission. That means immediately after graduation, you can expect pay that reflects your performance.

Try: "Insurance Risk Analyst"

If you’re looking for work that’s a little more behind-the-scenes, insurance risk analysts are consultants that identify and limit potential losses. They advise clients on how they can reduce risk, gather and assess evidence of risks, and make sure everyone understands potential risks and the likelihood they occur.

Having a job you want in mind is a good start, but it can take time for even qualified candidates to find employment. About one in twenty graduates are unemployed, and more than one in ten are underemployed. By keeping an open mind, you can open up doors you never even knew existed!

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